Alternative Investment Strategy Provider

TriQuant is a UK based Fintech with client-ready proprietary, quantatitive & systematic trading strategies, prodimantly in the foreign exchange markets. Our strategies offer low correlation with traditional asset classes, delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to asset managers and direct copy trading solutions to spohisticated investors.


Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it”. Sir Winston Churchill


We’re not your typical strategy manager. We are predominantly a Fintech, focused on the development and continual improvement of systematic, quantative, algorithmic and fully automated FX trading strategies. However, we deliver these strategies to both asset managers, and to sophisticated qualified investors alike, on a managed copy trading account basis. 

TriQuant Investments was founded in 2018 by David Watson and Mitul Das. However, the story started some years earlier with a mission statement to positively disrupt the alternative investment quant space with a trading philosophy that focuses on risk managed returns ahead of maximum returns.


How to invest


The Strategies are offered on a fully account managed copy-trade basis to both “professional” and “retail” clients as defined by the FCA. There are no set up, entry or exit fees, no minimum lock in period and instant access to your funds. Reporting is monthly with management and performance fees agreed in advance.

The TriQuant Strategies are intended as long-term investments and suitable for clients seeking long-term year on year returns.

Instant Access To Funds

No Setup Or Exit Fees

Fully Managed Account

Monthly Reporting


Whether you are an asset manager seeking innovative alternative strategies with client attractive performance and low correlation with traditional asset classes, or a sophisticated private investor, performance is the fundamental requirement. We offer two strategies to our clients, The Eiger Strategy and The Everest Strategy. Our Fact Sheets are produced monthly and available here

The Algorithm

The trading algorithm combines sophisticated risk and trade management models with a resulting high probability of a winning trade. There are 9 different strategies working concurrently and in conjunction with 4 versions of the algorithm. For any given product, the software will identify the optimum mix of algorithm version and strategies.

These 9 different strategies distribute with more than 50 different settings between all products within a 1 second, 15 minute, 4 hour and day period. The strategies also combine with candle volatility, trend prediction, counter trend prediction, market volume and other filters to refine the best possible trade.

The Strategy

The TriQuant Strategy seeks to preserve and enhance our clients’ capital whilst looking for long and short-term trading opportunities. Utilising a fully algorithmic approach. The trend following strategy looks to meet a number of unique criteria before it will open a trade. It is these criteria that sets the TriQuant strategy apart in a sea of vanilla funds. It is our USP and it is based on insights, testing and iteration using millions of bits of data and executed by a proprietary software infrastructure in real-time.

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